Contract "cites" explained

These explanations are simplified and do not constitute a replacement for the actual contract language,

if you have any questions, please contact your assigned steward.

Art. 30.2.A.2

The employer shall make every effort to expeditiously fill (HIRE RCA's) leave replacement vacancies when they occur. regular rural carriers shall have the right to require that a leave replacement be assigned to their route.

A pre-printed "request for action" form is available here check #5 **note-this is NOT a grievance form**

Art. 30.2.E.1

Filling a Leave Replacement Vacancy-To occur at the time of the initial vacancy or; One of the triggers for offering a vacant primary route assignment is if the route without a leave replacement assigned changes classification. The results of the latest rural mail count may have resulted in a change in classification. (H route to J route, J to K, etc.) Therefore, a route which did (change classification) that does not have a primary leave replacement assigned; that primary assignment should be offered to “qualified substitutes, rural carrier associates, and rural carrier relief employees in that office in the order of the longest period of continuous service in the office, without regard to classification.”


Art. 9.2.C.5.b

 Formula Offices-When management determines it is necessary to change the relief day of one or more routes in an office (due to a lack of leave replacements), a formula is used to determine how many Saturday and non-Saturday relief days are to be offered.

The formula consists of;

1.       Take the number of leave replacement carriers working in the office minus the number of auxiliary routes.

2.       Divide this result by the number of regular routes authorized a relief day. (J and K routes)

3.       Subtract .10

4.       Multiply the result by the number of routes authorized a relief day.

5.       Round down to the next whole number.

This is the minimum number of routes which management must authorize a Saturday relief day.

A re-calculation of the formula is done when there is a change in the number of Auxiliary routes, the number of leave replacements or the number of necessary relief days change (like after a rural mail count or a route adjustment that changes an "H" route to a "J"/"K" or "J"/"K" to an "H"). Depending on the re-calculation, more or less Saturday relief days may become available.