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WE are the spouses, the husbands and wives of the mail carriers.
WE listen when you come home and tell us you had 45 Amazon parcels and your vehicle broke down. 
WE are the shoulder you lean on when you and your supervisor butt heads. 

WE are the ones you often bounce ideas off of on how you would improve what you do.
I know of no other union that has a family organization like the NRLCA. 
We likely have jobs or careers outside this organization, and we understand completely the frustrations you deal with on a day to day basis. We have dealt with office politics, as well.  But we have never seen as complicated a contract, or the degree of regulations your job requires in any other career. The supporting steward system for grievances helps encourage better dialogue between carriers, and between carriers and management. We whole heartedly believe in you the carriers; the Rural Letter Carriers Union; and the Political Action Committee,  to keep the craft viable for the present and the future. These folks have your back, and so do we.  

Established in 1915, the first National Auxiliary was created with the objectives to unite fraternally its members, create interest in the rural mail service and Association work, and to seek beneficial legislation.  A principle part of the Auxiliary is the humanitarian projects, being in a position of visibility in service to others by lending humanitarian assistance. In 1933 a page in the National Rural Carrier magazine was dedicated to the National Auxiliary.  In 1935 the Junior Auxiliary was created, which is for children and/or grandchildren of carriers, ages 6 through 20.  In 1954 the first National Junior Scholarship was created.

 Where are my union dues money going?  Only about 30 cents a pay period goes to the Auxiliary.  This is broken down to the national, state, and county units, just like your union dues are.  Part of that supports the Juniors scholarships and tour expenses at State Convention.  It helps promote the involvement of your families in a way that creates new and often long lasting friendships, a way to learn the process of Parliamentary Procedure, participate in activities, and yes, have FUN with others!


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Kathy Lueck

1417 Oak Street
Watertown, WI   53098-1136



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1143 Schenk Rd.
Marshall, WI 54559

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Junior Sponsor

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