If you are counting, please take note these words of advice from District Representatives Julia Doggett and Jim Riess;

There are a lot of small issues and a lot of huge issues that the Stewards and District Representatives are getting calls about; many we have been able to fix right away by a phone call, others may take a day or two to correct and others yet may not get resolved at all. Those un-resolved will have to be written up in a dispute letter. Bear in mind that if you are told to file a grievance immediately because of the circumstances surrounding your situation, you need do so.

If you have disagreements or disputes, please keep track of what you need to keep track of until you know it has been resolved-NO GRIEVANCE HAS BEEN WON ON UNFOUNDED EVIDENCE OR HEARSAY. Every piece of mail, every step taken, every second tracked, is part of the whole route evaluation. One little piece untracked or time un-accounted for can make a big difference in the outcome of your route evaluation that will last until the next time your route is counted.

As you are discussing the items at dispute, please do not get argumentative, combative or angry; this approach can get someone escorted out of the office ‘until further notice’.

Be safe out there; spring is near.

Mail Count class schedules and dates 

MAIL COUNT BEGINS FEB.24 ending MAR.9 2018                                           BE PREPARED; ATTEND A COUNT CLASS  

In 2018 a national mail count will be conducted for twelve (12) working days beginning February 24 ending March 9, 2018. All routes will be counted except those routes where both management and the regular carrier agree in writing not to count. Mail count training sessions are conducted by the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association; only MEMBERS of the NRLCA will be allowed to attend these sessions. You MUST bring your NRLCA magazine, January/February 2018 issue, which has the 2018 Mail Count Guide printed in it.

You must be a member to attend, Form 1187 will be available for sign-up

Lakeland                                                                                                  Northland

The following dates and locations are in Lakeland District  

 *All count classes are held from 6:00pm-9:00pm*  

1/17/18-CTE Academy, 950 US Highway 20 West, Elizabeth, IL. 61028  1/18/18-Community Building, 111 W. First St. Belvidere IL. 61108     1/19/18-The Brat Stop, 12304 75th St. Kenosha WI. 53142                 1/23/18-Westwood Conf. Ctr., 1800 Westwood Ctr. Blvd. Wausau WI. 1/24/18-American Legion, 4911 Burma Rd. McFarland WI. 53558       1/24/18-VFW (Duck Creek) 754 Riverview Dr. Green Bay WI.                1/25/18-American Legion, 500 Fond du Lac Av. Fond du Lac WI. 54935

Questions-Julia Doggett, NRLCA District Representative-Lakeland                    PO Box 503                                                                                                                      West Chicago, IL 60186-0503                                                                                (217)   

2018 Northland District Mail Count Training Schedule


1/15/18     1 - 4 PM @ the North Branch Library        6355 379th St North Branch MN

1/15/18     1 - 4 PM @ the Jenkins VFW                        3341 Veterans ST Jenkins MN

1/15/18     1 - 4 PM @ Mankato Monson-Ario VFW   1900 N Riverfront DR Mankato MN

1/17/18    6-9 PM @ the Veterans Community Center                     10534 S Main ST Hayward, WI

1/18/18    6-9 PM@ the Avalon Conference Center       1009 W Park Ave Chippewa Falls, WI

1/25/18    6-9 PM @ the La Crosse Post Office 2nd floor                                             425 State ST La Crosse WI

1/25/18    6 - 9 PM @ Carlton VFW                      124 Chestnut Ave (also HWY 210) Carlton MN

1/31/18    6 – 9 PM @ Spicer American Legion                        155 Lake Ave Spicer MN

Food and/or beverages will be available at most sites.

Questions – James W. “Jim” Riess, NRLCA District Representative-Northland

897 Roosevelt Ave Pine River MN 56474-5162

(218) 587-2206 –